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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Greg Proops- The Smartest Man in the World Podcast. The Thinking man's way to Laugh

Podcasting is not as popular as it should be and that is a shame.

I try to explain podcasts to my friends ("It's like grown up radio without commercials") and all I get back are glassy-eyed stares. I really try to explain the eco-system that allows niche podcasts to flourish alongside more mainstream offerings most of us are familiar with and used to hearing like Adam Carolla, Leo Laporte and The Mike O'Meara Show.

Occasionally, there comes along a podcast that straddles the line between mainstream and odd, challenges us intellectually and blows up conventional thinking with the dynamite of dadaism and off the wall bizarre. Greg Proops is just that kind of podcast host.
Laughing and thinking was never so much fun.

Perhaps best known for his regular appearances on both the British and US versions of "Whose Line is it Anyway?", Proops is a bohemian intellectual, raging against convention with a nuclear fueled wit. Normally recorded onstage with an audience that tries to be as hip and bon vivant as he, Proops rattles off humor, pop references, quotes obscure poetry and lances the establishment with a machine-gun delivery that sometimes derails in a deep gorge of what-the-hell-is-he-talking-about?

Overall, the effect is fantastically overpowering. I somehow feel smarter myself as I understand his Satchel Paige reference or follow along as he dissects Hollywood movies. Is there a point? Usually not one that I can establish, except to have fun on a smarter plane than most other broadcasts.

Proops doesn't talk down to his audience, but expects them to keep up intellectually. But that's OK with me because I enjoy a host who challenges my intellect and helps me to look at topics with a new view.

Proops also liberally laces his diatribes with references to drugs, alcohol and adult language, so this isn't for those with innocent sensibilities, but if you're seeking out something that is different, energetic and appeals to the brainiac in all of us, then The Smartest Man in the World Podcast  might be the next thing you down load today. You can find Proops' show on iTunes or Zune or by going to his website by clicking here.

You're welcome.

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