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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is your Windows software not performing to your standards? Go here for help!

Most of us have Windows. No, not the "look through" kind installed in the wall of your house, but the kind installed in your computer at this very moment. Windows is often seen as a kind of voodoo that "just makes stuff work". But, it's not really that at all- instead, think of it as a tool that allows you access to the information you desire, like an interstate highway. As such, you have the ability to use it as you will, picking and choosing how you use it instead of it using you.

With this unusual philosophy, you now have the mindset of making your Windows program do what you want it to and the site that will help you to achieve this is called Paul Thurrot's SuperSite for Windows.

Thurrot is a nationally known Windows expert whose site is a deep internet encyclopedia of all versions of Windows, tips, tricks, fixes, finessing, reviews, optional additions, Microsoft's other programs and even a sprinkling of Apple news too.

The good news is that this site is written in monkey simple English that makes concepts and step-by-step instructions easy to comprehend and follow. If you can't get your Windows question answered here, then you probably have no where else to go- it's that good.

The site is here.
He also has an entertaining website for those of you looking for something slightly more in depth and technical. Go here to download and hear it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

"What kind of payments you looking for?" - a guide for auto shoppers and those who love cars

I hate buying a car, which is weird, because I love cars themselves. I used to dream of '64 1/2 Mustangs, '70 Chevelles, AMC Javelins with a 401 cubic inch big block and even came thiiiiiiis close to buying a 1967 VW Karmann Ghia (but that's a long story).

One site I found combines a love of cars, trucks and all things that go zoom plus extensive and accurate pricing, common sense buying tips from former auto dealers and hundreds of reviews of the latest models. The name of that site is, oddly,

Long term tests, video reports and opinions from loyal readers all combine to provide the reader with an enormous amount of information for the potential auto shopper. This is the site to go to for the uninformed or new car buyer. the site is split into a drier, factual half and second half that has the look and feel of some of the country's most popular enthusiast magazine.

Drive over to Edmunds now and get ready for new entertaining ride.