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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Black Friday Ads: See the sales before anyone else. This website has them!

By now, everyone who reads this blog knows that I'm tight with my money. One way to make money is not to spend it, but when it does become time to spend my moolah, I spend it wisely by looking for the strongest bargains possible.

Know more and save more!
Soon, those of us in the United States will benefit from something we call "Black Friday". This is a fairly recent event when national and local retailers drastically cut prices on many of their most popular products the day after Thanksgiving in preparation for the Christmas shopping season. In the past couple of years, prices for things like TVs, MP3 players, movies, toys and other retail stock have been made available at incredible savings, sometimes as much as 50-75%. The catch? Most stores open at midnight or 5am or some other weird hour and you must stand in line with hundreds of others looking to beat you to the deals inside the store.

The way to find out which store is selling what gizmo at what price is to read the Black Friday sale ads that come out the Sunday before Thanksgiving. These ads do leak out long before that Sunday and many websites make it their mission to find, scan and display these ads for us cheapos to devour weeks before that special Sunday gets here.

One of the best sites I've found for this kind of retail information is they always seems to get the ads first, get it right and have the largest number of ads across the board. They break down the info according to store name, products offered (i.e., electronics, toys, clothing, etc.) and even back up all of this with a computer scan of the ads to prove they have the right information.

I don't know where they get these ads so far ahead of time, although I do suspect that many of the sources are the stores themselves, who arrange to have an ad posted on the site to build buzz and potentially raise sales when Black Friday arrives. I'm not usually a conspriracy guy, but...

Go to here to plan out your strategy. Good luck!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Apple Siri Questions- ask Siri anything- online and without an iPhone4S

I don't own a cell phone myself. It seems weird, doesn't it? I mean, here I am- a tech blogger and I don't actually own a cell phone of my own and I never have.

In my day job as a television journalist, I've always had a cell phone provided to me as one of the tools I use to cover daily events. Lately, that phone has been a smart phone, so why would I spend $80-$120 per month in fees when I didn't have to? But, my smart phone is not an iPhone4S nor is it an Apple product at all. And that's a shame, because I love what the new iPhone4S has and that's Siri.

I've covered what Siri does in a previous post, but after a few weeks of worldwide experimentation, it turns out Siri has a cheeky personality and a sense of humor that's caught the attention of geeks across the globe.

Ask Siri a silly question...
For those of us without a iPhone4S who still have the desire to interact with Siri, there's hope. A new website called lets you enter any question at all and the website will automatically ask Siri the question for you and provide the answer for all to see. I'm guessing an iPhone4S is somehow wired into a computer at the site as I can't imagine someone sitting at a computer monitor frantically punching in question after question 24 hours a day.

All of the previous questions are displayed for your review and even if you don't ask Siri anything, it's still fun to see what others are asking Siri and what answer Siri may have in store.

Go here to ask Siri a question. I think I'll go myself and ask Siri when I'll get off my lazy keester and get a phone of my own.