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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Apple Siri- You talk, Siri answers and does your bidding, but only on the Apple iPhone4S

Siri's mic means your life just got easier.
(source: Apple)
As most of us know, the Apple iPhone4S was met by tech fans with a resounding "so what?".

In truth, the iPhone4S is really sort of a iPhone4 1/2. While the phone is faster and a little better in a number of ways- better camera, faster processor, battery upgrade, etc. the real talk centers around a bit of software that make life with the iPhone4S easier to use than ever and it's called Siri.

Simply press a new microphone icon on the iPhone screen and Siri "wakes up" with a friendly beep. The real magic lies in the user's ability to ask Siri nearly anything in normal speech (no keywords or special language required) and Siri responds with the requested items.

For instance, you might say, "Siri, text my wife I'll be ten minutes late" and Siri will automatically write your message, attach your wife's cell phone number and send that message to your spouse without having to lift a finger- literally!

Or...tell Siri "I'm hungry for Indian food" and it will find the nearest Indian restaurant based on information from the iPhone's GPS and database of local businesses.

Or...If you have a hankering for some good music, you can say "Siri, play Tony Bennett" and, you guessed it, Siri plays your request.

You get the idea. Think of Siri like a kind-of verbal butler who listens to everything you have to say and does it immediately.

As the father of three kids, anyone who listens to me is ok in my humble opinion. Apple thinks so too and has all of the info on Siri located right here.

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