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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Movie trailers- see both current and future releases right now!

Spring is in the air and Summer is not far off and for many fans these seasons are are great time to catch a movie and be swept away by Hollywood magic. One of my favorite times in a cinema is to see the trailers for movies about to debut at my local theater.

This very theater was my local movie house as a kid.
 But you don't have to pay $8 to see what's coming in the next few months. For movies lovers like me (and you), Yahoo! offers a movie service that debuts trailers and clips from future releases for your enjoyment. Most of the trailers are for film just a couple of months out from release but a few are from film scheduled for much farther out and at least give you an idea of what is in production for Christmas or even summer 2012.

Now, there are other websites that offer a similar service, but for my money, Yahoo!'s movie website is the easiest to navigate, simplest to use and provides a better overall ecperience for me when all I want to do is see the darn trailer!

You'll be able to see clips from movies like the new Pirates of the Carribean installment, Captain America, Apollo 18 and Kung Fu Panda 2 (that last one is for my kids- really) , plus more are added every day. If I had to guess, I'd say that 50 or 60 trailers are available for current and future releases. You can also buy tickets, get the latest news and photos and see blogs on films and Hollywood.

Go to Yahoo! Movies to see the trailer that catches your fancy. After all, if you're going to spend an ever increasing amount of your money for tickets, a little research can help you make a better choice.

Shhhh! Movie's starting...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Family Handyman magazine and website- the DIY person's secret weapon.

Our last house had what my wife calls "potential". In our marraige, this is shorthand for "the husband is in for a lot of work to get this house just the way the wife wants it". When we purchased the home, it was the model home for the 1967! Very little had been done in the way of modernizing and it was up to me to develop this potential. The kitchen, bathrooms, entry and other parts of the home needed a major redo. As a do it yourselfer, I'm average, but there were times when I need just a bit more information or a handy tip or two to get the result just right.

Ladies love a guy who is handy- that's what
my wife tells me, anyway.
(source: TFH)
Luckily for me, the answer is just a few clicks away. For decades now, the national magazine The Family Handyman has been a fixture on store shelves and is well known for clear, easy to follow instructions for all manner of home improvement projects, from toilets to drywall to plumbing and roofs. The problem is keeping all of these publications organized according to subject and then having it available when you need it.

But The Family Handyman has all of this solved for you...and for free! Virtually thousands of "how-to" articles are kept on The Family Handyman website for your perusal and printout. Need to know about power tools? Sure, it's in there. What about installing a home theater? No problem- it's there too. Just about any topic is covered and in the unlikely event you do happen to stump the search function, you can always join the FH online community where someone is certain to have the information you seek. To search for your particular subject is easy- at the top of the homepage is a large search window- simply fill it out with words matching the topic of your choice.

Personally, I have used both the magazine and the online home of TFH to help me renovate three bathrooms, drywall an entry, plant just the right flowers at just the right time and ensure that the ceiling fan I was installing was done safely and correctly. Go to The Family Handyman website here to save time and effort and make you the DIY hero of your house.

BTW, I showed my wife the 1st draft of this post and she said it had "potential". Sigh...back to work!

Friday, March 11, 2011

iPad2 Review- Is it really new or just an update?

When the original iPad debuted (iPad1?) , no one really know what to make of it. Is it a computer in your hand or is it a little laptop, minus the keyboard? I'm not sure even Apple knew, although they claimed it was an entirely different kind of computing system from the start.

Soon, however, the iPad became enormously popular for millions of buyers who made the best use of the iPad's ideal size, weight and long battery life. Apps by the tens of thousands were written for all manner of purse and purpose specifically for the iPad's large screen and computing power.

See? I told you it came in white.
(courtesy: Engadget)
So, now we are given the iPad2 even as rumors of an iPad3 introduction this fall continue to swirl around the Silicon Valley. Thinner, lighter and with two cameras, the iPad2 also comes in a new optional color too- white- to go along with the classic black and silver colors of the original. Everything seems to be tweaked a little bit faster and more powerful, but not really the huge boost one would expect from an upgrade that apparently has earned the right to go up one whole number.

But, with competition from the Motorala Xoom and dozens of other competitors about the enter the tablet market, it's going to get really interesting from here. Not all are based on Android (although most are), but all boast fast speed, long battery life and the ability to match or exceed the Apple iPad2.

It's gonna get interesting, but until then, Engadget has the full review of the iPad2 here.