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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Apple iPhone Siri- 100 fun things to ask with answers you might not believe!

By this point, the Apple iPhone Siri voice recognition app has swept the world. Seemingly all-knowing, Siri appears to have the answers for all of your queries, even if you were just joking around. It seems incredible that a few thousand lines of software code could actually posses humor and intelligence. It really doesn't, but enough funny responses have been inserted into the program that no one really seems to care one way or another.
Is that a mic holder or a smile?

The list of questions grows nearly everyday and will no doubt expand upon the release of the next iPhone due sometime next Fall. has a list of more than 100 questions that is almost sure to elicit a funny reply from Siri. The comments section add several more.

Here are a few examples:

"I need to hide a body"

"Siri, will you marry me?"

"What is your favorite color?"

One of the fun parts of the Q & A session is Siri may have more than one answer for your question, so it's a good idea to keep asking it until the answers start repeating.

No doubt, Siri is an amazing appliance for organization, planning, texting and other uses. But, when you have a few spare moments or just want to entertain a friend or two with your tech savvy approach, go ahead and ask Siri anything you want.

I just can't guarantee what the answer might be.

Go to here to see 100 questions you too could ask Siri.

Say hi for me. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Nokia Lumina 710 review- Windows Phone 7 done right?

For those who want to be different- the Lumina  710
For a while now, Windows phones have taken a back seat to the iPhone and the Android systems as far as ease of use and powerful features. No longer. Now, Nokia (little known as the world's #1 cell phone producer) is introducing into the United States a new model called the Nokia Lumina 710 and Nokia is looking to make a splash in the US market with this nifty offering. Windows Phone 7 is little known in America and Microsoft is trying to get some market traction for its mobile phone system.

Based on a hugely successful model long popular in Europe, the Lumina 710 is actually the bottom of the Nokia Windows phone pile with the model 800 in the middle and the model 900 at the top. The difference lies in memory, processors, types of material used to build the phone along with screen resolution.

Anyway, the 710 will contain the latest iteration of the new Windows 7 mobile software. Just as powerful and easy to use as the Apple and Android system, the Windows universe also boasts more than 50,000 apps. This is just a tiny fraction of the 750,000 apps in the Apple iTunes store, but when was the last time you needed or used 750,000 apps? Or even 50,000 apps? The point is, there's more than enough apps in everyone's store to keep even the most consumptive phone freak happy.

The Seattle Times's website has their review of the Nokia Lumina Model 710 that's short and to the point. In general they like the phone and because it's available for less than $40 at your friendly cell provider (T-Mobile in the U.S.) and just about anyone can discover and enjoy the Windows Phone experience. Go here to see the review and go to Nokia's Lumina 710 site here for more technical info. 

That's all of the phone news for now. With Apple's rumored iPad3 announcement in a couple of weeks, I get the feeling I'll be wearing out the "A" key on my computer over the next month. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tesla Model X SUV, taking the kids to soccer practice in style.

Not two weeks ago, I told you about the Tesla line of electric luxury cars. I profiled the Tesla S sedan and the green-themed style it offered to the family man with some spare cash.

Now, Tesla is looking toward the soccer mom with the Tesla X all-electric SUV. Far more practical than the Model S , the Model X boasts seating for seven, cargo areas in the back and front and can zip 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds.
Soccer moms, start drooling.

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla has five kids and should know a thing or two about toting toddlers from A to B and has probably picked up his share of Cheerios off the floor many cars and it looks like he's used this daddy know-how in the design. Like most SUVs, the Model X is available with two or four wheel drive and looks something like a pregnant Model S- but in a good way. The price for this type of practical style has yet to be set, but expect something in the $65-85,000 range and should hit the market sometime in 2014.

Lastly, the Model X offers something called a "falcon wing door system" for rear seat passengers. Not sure what that means? Go to here to see this unique entry system and why it might mean finding Cheerios just became a whole lot easier. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Rumors- The latest ones, the wierdest ones and the truth.

Apple people are hard core. They love Apple and not much else. I think many Apple people would agree Apple fanboys tend to look down on their Windows friends and pity them with a sad, slow shake of their head and a quick "You should have bought an Apple" comment.

To that end, one of the few- correct that, only topics Apple fans like to discuss is the next iteration of the iPhone franchise, in this case, the iPhone 5. Rumors abound from all manner of sources and run the gamut from the mild to the wild. Many websites dedicate giant portions of their time to reporting even the most ludicrous of rumors whispered in the hallways of tech companies worldwide.
I hear they're making one out of moonrocks, but that's just a rumor.

Normally serious journalists spend inordinate amounts of effort investigating things like leaked LCD screen orders, battery company quarterly reports and overheard bathroom stall conversations. Most reputable sites report this tech gossip by prefacing it with a terse warning to take all of the sketchy information with a grain of salt.

Now, having established the unreliable nature of these rumor mills, I must admit it is fun to imagine an iPhone with a 5" screen or to think about a quad-core chip behind the iconic logo or even that an iPhone might be able to last three days because of a battery breakthrough.

I read a ton of these sites and I keep returning to the Cnet iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup for the most complete list of these way-out-there ideas for a phone made of glass, aluminum and plastic. After seeing the way some folk drool at the mention of the words "iPhone 5", you'd think it was made of beef ribs and BBQ sauce.

Hey, that's not a bad idea. Maybe I'll start that rumor myself!

Go to the iPhone Rumor Roundup at Cnet here.