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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Apple iPhone Siri- 100 fun things to ask with answers you might not believe!

By this point, the Apple iPhone Siri voice recognition app has swept the world. Seemingly all-knowing, Siri appears to have the answers for all of your queries, even if you were just joking around. It seems incredible that a few thousand lines of software code could actually posses humor and intelligence. It really doesn't, but enough funny responses have been inserted into the program that no one really seems to care one way or another.
Is that a mic holder or a smile?

The list of questions grows nearly everyday and will no doubt expand upon the release of the next iPhone due sometime next Fall. has a list of more than 100 questions that is almost sure to elicit a funny reply from Siri. The comments section add several more.

Here are a few examples:

"I need to hide a body"

"Siri, will you marry me?"

"What is your favorite color?"

One of the fun parts of the Q & A session is Siri may have more than one answer for your question, so it's a good idea to keep asking it until the answers start repeating.

No doubt, Siri is an amazing appliance for organization, planning, texting and other uses. But, when you have a few spare moments or just want to entertain a friend or two with your tech savvy approach, go ahead and ask Siri anything you want.

I just can't guarantee what the answer might be.

Go to here to see 100 questions you too could ask Siri.

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