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Friday, March 2, 2012

Apple iPad3 to debut soon - The rumors, the truth and...purple?

It's coming....

The iPad3 is on its way and soon the world will know what is in store for the next iteration of Apple's groundbreaking offering that literally resurrected the tablet industry from moribund to nuclear (Microsoft had a tablet out there, but the sales were non-existent).

Rumors are rampant regarding the new tablet. For example:

- A new, larger screen
- a new, but sharper, smaller screen
- 4G connectivity
- No 4G connectivity
- All metal chassis
- Siri voice control included (currently only in the iPhone4S)
- The "old" iPad2 will be an entry level model at a lower price.

Is this the new iPad3? Good Question.
Which rumor do you listen to and which ones do you dismiss as wishful thinking or pure fantasy? I don't know- I don't think many people do and those in the know work in Cupertino and aren't saying. I would at least look for faster processing, cloud storage and faster connectivity. To me, incorporating Siri is a no-brainer and I would look for some more color choices- like purple (this is my wildcard guess). .

In the end, until the announcement is made, only a few hundred people know for sure. Give it a week or so and soon the world will be chomping at the bit to spend $600(?) dollars for the sexiest tech to come around since the iPad2 hit shelves two years ago.

TechCrunch has a full list of rumors, from the mundane to weird to the practical and you can go to their website here and create your own version of the iPad3 until Apple finally comes down the mountain to present us with a whole different tablet than any of the rumor mills would have us believe.

Call me a dreamer, but I'm still betting on purple.

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