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Friday, March 11, 2011

iPad2 Review- Is it really new or just an update?

When the original iPad debuted (iPad1?) , no one really know what to make of it. Is it a computer in your hand or is it a little laptop, minus the keyboard? I'm not sure even Apple knew, although they claimed it was an entirely different kind of computing system from the start.

Soon, however, the iPad became enormously popular for millions of buyers who made the best use of the iPad's ideal size, weight and long battery life. Apps by the tens of thousands were written for all manner of purse and purpose specifically for the iPad's large screen and computing power.

See? I told you it came in white.
(courtesy: Engadget)
So, now we are given the iPad2 even as rumors of an iPad3 introduction this fall continue to swirl around the Silicon Valley. Thinner, lighter and with two cameras, the iPad2 also comes in a new optional color too- white- to go along with the classic black and silver colors of the original. Everything seems to be tweaked a little bit faster and more powerful, but not really the huge boost one would expect from an upgrade that apparently has earned the right to go up one whole number.

But, with competition from the Motorala Xoom and dozens of other competitors about the enter the tablet market, it's going to get really interesting from here. Not all are based on Android (although most are), but all boast fast speed, long battery life and the ability to match or exceed the Apple iPad2.

It's gonna get interesting, but until then, Engadget has the full review of the iPad2 here.

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