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Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Apple computers for 2011- Is this the best yet?

Most of the world uses computers based on Windows but you wouldn't know it if you ever spoke to an Apple fan. This species of computer user is known to be both loyal and rabidly interested in all things Apple. Normally, they own an iPhone, an iPod, a Mac computer, Mac TV, etc. This person is known as an "Apple Fanboy".

Faster, smarter but definitely not cheaper.
(source: Apple)
Well, the fan base just got some new candy for them to digest and drool over until the new iPhone and iPads are introduced in the next few weeks. It's been about a year since Apple updated their computer line and today they announced a host of improvements, changes and new products to the lineup for 2011. has the facts on today's announcement and what it means for the Apple faithful who look forward to paying much more than anyone else for their computers because they are convinced that there is nothing better in the world for them.

Go to now to see what all the fuss is about and maybe you'll catch the Apple bug too.

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