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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Roku Box- Cable programming without the cable cost?

The mysterious "Little black box" is legendary. Investigators look for it when a plane crashes and it seems to be the brains for all of the new cars made today. It sits there and we don't know really what it does, but it always seems to work for us and make our lives somehow easier.

Well, to add to that legend here is another black box called the Roku.

The Roku little black box.
(source: Amazon)
The Roku is an electronic appliance- a black box, no less-  that uses the wireless internet in your home to connect to thousands of sources of video content across the globe. It sits quietly near your TV and delivers full 108op High Definition quality video to any television (now, whether or not your TV is 1080p capable is up to you).

Set up could not be simpler: plug in the box to your TV's video and audio inputs, connect to your wireless internet and that's it! You now have access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, MLB, NHL, listen to your music on iTunes and thousands of other sources provided to you instantly. Some, like Netflix and Hulu Plus charge a small monthly fee, others provide their content for free and more providers are added all the time.

Lastly, the cost of the Roku is the greatest, best shock- Full 1080 HD television for under $100. Plus, a basic Roku with standard definition and fewer of the bells and whistles can be had for $69.99. If I were you, I'd pop for the extra $30 and get the best box with the most stuff. Amazon has all of the flavors of Roku for sale and you can find it here.

Ironically, the only reason you'll continue to need cable is for the internet connection to keep you Roku well fed.

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