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Saturday, February 5, 2011 Tips for making your life easier.

A hacker is someone who changes and adapts technology for their use and convenience. A lifehacker is someone who changes and adapts anything for their use and convenience.

Need to make a computer stand out of chopsticks? No problem.

Want to make a lamp out of a can of Tuna? Sure.

How about the secret tricks that makes iPad work better? Yup. A lifehacker can do all that and more.


Want to be a lifehacker too? Simply go to the website for thousands of tips, tricks and hints to make different facets of your life easier and more interesting. Topics tend to lean somewhat on the tech side, but there are still thousands of entries for such non-tech topics like cooking, decorating, relationships, car repair, hair care and on and on.

Most articles are short, but detailed enough to achieve the article's stated goal. If needed, videos are embedded in the site and several topics are added each day.

If you have a tips you would like to submit, Lifehacker makes it easy with a large, blank window at the top of the page. Who knows? You might be the one explaining how to paint a bathroom with 3 band-aids, a paper towel and some dryer lint.

Go here to see Lifehacker.

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