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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm back and let's get to it.

After a nasty virus attack and some work issues have been ironed out, I'm finally back up and running.

Work has quieted down significantly and the new computer is like having a new car, although the pine tree air freshener keeps slipping off of the monitor.

Anyway, I have a new service for you and it's free! Well, it's not really new, but it is an amazing service that makes you ask, "Why didn't someone think of this long ago?" Google Voice is a new way to get and handle telephone calls and the messages people leave that you may or may not get.

For instance, most of us have a work, cell and home phone number. GV allows certain callers to ring through to all three phones at once.

Don't want that ex-girlfriend to call anymore? GV can block them.

What about messages? If you ask it to, GV will email you a text version of the voicemail recording.

There's a great video explaining all of this at that explains it better than I can write it.

No cost, tons of options and the ability to improve your life? Ain't technology great?

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