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Monday, April 9, 2012

Have the VW factory restore your old Microbus to showroom condition!

My dad owned a 1967 VW Camperbus. 4 speeds forward (all slow) and one in reverse- sometimes. In a wind, that bus wanted to blow sideways like a tumbleweed in a cowboy movie. I remember driving up a minor mountain road at 21 miles an hour for three hours (as fast as I could go!) and I remember repairing an accelerator cable at a campsite with a screw driver, a safety pin and three feet of string. Oh, and the AM radio...with an 8 track tape player.

I loved that van and it broke my heart when he sold it.

Turns out, that van is still made today- in Brazil, of all places(click here to see VW of Brazil's Kombi webpage). Volkswagen recognizes the love people like me have for the Microbus in all of its forms and has started offering a factory service restoring these classics (from any model year) to showroom new condition. That's right- simply turn in your classic bus to VW and, some time later, you'll go and pickup your better-than-new VW for all to envy and admire. New suspension, upholstery, transmission, chrome trim, etc. - literally everything needed to bring back the pristine condition your van had decades ago. No word on how much this service costs, but for the price, you'll know the van was restored by the factory, with factory parts, factory technicians and factory documentation.
Oooh, Baby! I'll take that one and
that one and that one...

Oh...there's a catch. Sorry, everybody but Europe- this is only available on the Continent. So, USA, South America, Canada, Asia and everyone but the EU (plus a few others). You are out in the cold. If you live in Europe, you'll be set- all you have to do now is track down your own VW Microbus- and that part is for you to figure out. Go to here to read the whole story and see more drool-worthy pictures like the one on the right.

In the US, I'll make it my mission to convince Ford to start a similar program for Mustangs. There's a 1965 Mustang convertible around the corner for sale...if I can just convince the wife.

That's my catch. Hi honey...

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