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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Apple iPod Nano reviews. Is the 7th time a charm?

So, your kid is telling you she wants a new iPod. But the iPod Touch goes for as much as $395.00. I can almost hear my bank account crying from the pain of monetary withdrawal. Don't feel bad- kids don't feel your pain.

But, not to worry- some tech-challenged folks aren't aware Apple offers more than the iPod Touch when it comes to an excellent choice in MP3 players. The seventh generation iPod Nano has just debuted on the scene with some new and not so new features sure to please your child on Christmas morning for much less cash out of your pocket. 
The size and new headphones are both improvements

About twice the size of the previous generation Nano- look at a standard business card and you'll get the idea of the new size- the latest iteration from the company in Cupertino has a much easier to navigate interface with selections for music, podcasts, photos, FM radio and video. Yes, you can watch video on the 2.5" screen, but would you want to? 
Apple includes Bluetooth with this new offering which allows users to wirelessly transmit audio to Bluetooth receivers now found in newer cars, stereo speakers and headphones. In other words, the Nano can sit in your pocket, happily playing audio to your headphones without a wire stretching from the pocket to your head. 

While all of this added tech and improvements is nice, how does it all work together as a package? Turns out, it's pretty good. For $149, you get your choice of   dark gray, silver, purple, pink, yellow, green, blue, and red and 16 Gigabytes of memory- enough to hold thousands of songs and pictures. Also, Apple includes a new design of earplugs meant to fit better with greater comfort. 
Color and sound meet

One item that might cause some confusion is the Lightning Connector. Apple has changed  the data/power connector on all iPods to a entirely different design incompatible with previous versions. To continue using older charging systems like clock radios or other legacy docking systems, you must buy an adapter commonly available at electronics stores, but get them now as they will be scarce for a time after the holidays due to high demand. 

iPod Nanos are sold just about everywhere and the prices never really change, so buy them wherever you find them because Apple doesn't discount their products and the price you find at store A will be the exact same at store B. 

Need to know more? looked over the Nano when it came out and have something to say about how well it works. Click here to read it. did the same and they have a slightly different take on the Nano but both agree that for less than 150 dollars, there's not a better choice out there.

I think your kid would agree.

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