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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Now Showing: The worst movies EVER made...and I mean ever!

Some things in life go full circle. Movies are like that. Some are very good, most are terrible and some are so extremely bad that they come all the way around to entertaining, just because of poorly written scripts, wooden acting and atrocious special effects.

I'm not sure if this is a bad movie still or me after watching
several hours of these stinkers.
I have to admit, there are some real stinkeroos out there I enjoy watching simply because I know that I'll see the movie's monster wearing sneakers, the camera crew in the window's reflection and absolutely horrible acting that makes me laugh all through the movie.

Is there a website for this kind of movie? Of course! That's why we're all here isn't it? It's called and the name says it all. Reviewed movies are listed alphabetically and each one has a synopsis, photos and a movie clip or two. The best element of all is the "Thing I learned from watching this movie" section with hilarious observations and humorous jabs at the movie's seriousness.

With movie titles like The Creeping Terror, Please don't eat my Mother and Puppet Master III (really? There were two other Puppet Masters? Where was I when these premiered?)

In a strange way, this site is kind of a tribute to the people who persevered and got these movies shot, edited and finished. As a video professional, I know just how hard this can be.

Go see here and remember, you've been warned...

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