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Thursday, September 30, 2010

DVD Easter Eggs- the dirty little secret revealved!

Here's a fun way to use your DVDs:

Happy hunting!
For the better part of a decade, studios and filmmakers have been hiding little gems in and among their menus so the viewer can happily stumble upon a behnd-the-scenes documentary, video game or blooper reel. These are called "Easter Eggs" (because they're hidden like Easter eggs- get it?) Some DVDs have one or two, others can have a dozen. A great site that has cataloged all of these treasures is

While not the most imaginative name, the site's title is what it does; a long searchable list of DVD titles aong with the number of eggs and how to access them.

For instance, the "Anger Management" DVD has an Easter Egg that you access by click on a pair of glowing cat's eyes in the main menu- then a behind-the-scenes documentary plays.

Go to the link now and Happy Hunting!

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