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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sony Playstation Move Review- it's not like a Wii (but kinda is)

A few years ago, the Nintendo Wii came onto the scene and puzzled the American buying public (or ABP)with wand-like controllers and the ability to detect their movement in a 3D space without wires.

Sony hopes these wands are magic for sales.
(credit: Sony)
 After a few months, the ABP started to see the potential in the Wii and started to buy them in record numbers. Well, it only took a few years, but the Wii's main competitors- the Microsoft Xbox and the Sony Playstation - have finally started to catch up with "wand controller" versions of their own (see my blog post of the Xbox version- called Kinect- here) .

The Sony Playstation Move uses two Wii-like wands to control the actions and movements of the characters and objects in the game. Move your arm in a large sweeping motion and the character will follow suit. Go back and forth and the character follows the movements. Other controls can be moved with the thumb and fingers.

So, how does it work? Well, the geeks at have a full review and they have some good and less than good things to say. But you'll have to follow this link to read it for yourself.

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