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Thursday, October 28, 2010

MacBook Air is out- but, Oy Vey! The price!

OK- everyone here knows I love free, but there are times when investing a little money is just fine when the result is high quality, great performance and cutting edge technology.

Apple delivers that with the new MacBook Air. Weighing in at a miniscule 2 lbs, the name "Air" is certainly appropriate. Boasting an 11.6" screen and no thicker than a pencil at most , this is the computer you want when lugging a 5 lb. computer for 10-12 hours a day gets to be a tiring chore.

Compared to the standard laptop below it, the Air is
positively razor thin.
(credit: Cnet)

So, how does it work? Pretty well, it seems. But there is a catch. With all of this lightweight construction and power saving features, the Air has to make compromises in order to achieve its remarkable light weight. The battery is kept small and, as a result, the processor has  lower performance to maximize power consumption. The memory is smaller to reduce size, so 500G hard drives are out as an option.

The upside? Well, obviously size and weight. The quality of the components is very high, as is the construction (all metal and high quality plastics). The computer comes with Mac OS 10 and there is a certain pride (snobbiness?) to owning an Apple and having everyone around you "oooh" when you pull out this little marvel.

The price? Starts at $999 and zooms up from there as options are added like bigger drives and extra batteries. Is a lightweight computer worth a grand? Not to me- but, hey- I'm cheap. has a balanced review of the MacBook Air here and they seem to think it's a pretty good buy if it fits your needs and lifestyle.

It's not free, but it may be money well spent.

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