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Friday, October 22, 2010

Windows 7 mobile- it's time for a three-way fight for your cell phone dollars.

Life comes in threes: McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy's...Moe, Larry, Curly...Ford, GM and Chrysler and now- iPhone, Android and Windows.

Wait. What? Windows, you say? Is that possible to cram an entire operating system in one of those thin, little phones? No, of course not.

What Microsoft has done is create a viable competitor to the long standing duo of iPhone OS and Android in the rough and tumble world of the smart cell phone market. Life here can be a long, hard road. Just as Palm, who basically dried up and folded before HP bought them recently.

Look for this soon at your favorite retailer
(credit: Microsoft)
The Windows 7 mobile system is inspired by the Zune HD theme and has pretty much gotten positive reviews across the board. Why should you care? In a word, competition. Competition drives innovation, keeps prices lower and motivates the competition to keep outdoing each other and that, my friends, means consumers like you and me get better products.

To see how the Windows 7 Mobile phone stacks up, has a great review for your reading enjoyment. Click here to see it.

What other good things come in threes? Oh, that's right- my kids!

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