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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Get an Andriod phone for $10? Sure. But...

...ah, there's always a "but" when something sounds too good, isn't there?

This is the Comet.
For 10 bucks, it ain't bad.

(credit: T-Mobile)

In this case, T-Mobile will really sell you an Android smart phone with the latest 2.2 release of the Android operating system for smartphones (also called "Froyo"- it's development codename) for ten dollars. The downside is like buying the cheapest version of a Chevy you can find; sure, it's still a Chevy, but it has minimal this and minimal that and if you want to upgrade to a better model, it's gonna cost you.

The $10 phone- named "Comet" and built by a small company called Huawei (???) offers a much slower (and cheaper) processor and a minimal memory of 2 gigabytes (it is expandable to 32 gigs if you purchase an SD card on your own and plug it in the side). The screen is also smaller, 2.8 inches compared to 4 inches for the most expensive models.

But, if you've been looking for a smart phone but don't need or want the fastest this or the biggest that, then this might be the phone for you. Remember, though, this is still T-Mobile and any phone you would buy would come with a 2-year contract with all of the monthly data rates that apply to everyone else.

The phone can be purchased without a contract for around $150. Then, you're free to drop in your carrier-specific phone card and talk away for a fraction of the costs of your friends.

Go here to see a description of the phone.

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