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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Google Shopper- How your smart phone can save you big money.

It's time to go buy a new TV? Good for you. Once you get down to the big box store and find the flat screen of your dreams, you're blindsided by the big bucks needed to acquire the latest and greatest in electronic gee-wizardry. It has to be cheaper elsewhere, right? Thanks to the smartphone app Shop Smart from Google, you just might be saving a good amount of cash. Plus,  the app saves on more than TVs-  any kind of merchandise that has a barcode qualifies.

You're taking a picture of what?
(source: Google)
How? This is the part that gets really clever: Once the app is open, simply take a photo of the barcode. Google then searches the World Wide Web for all products matching the barcode just entered. If it's cheaper in a brick store elsewhere, Google Shopper will tell you the price and provide directions to the store's location. If it's cheaper online, you'll be given the option of buying it immediately via the phone.

Simple and elegant, isn't it?
(source: AOL)
Books are even more clever. Take a photo of the bookcover- no barcode required- and you'll be given options to find it cheaper elsewhere (if available). DVD covers are rumored to be next.

The app is free, secure and available from a trusted source.

You don't need to Google that to know this is a bargain.

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