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Monday, January 30, 2012

The 2012 Fisker Karma- A test drive that proves being green never looked so good.

Last week, I told you about the Tesla Model S and the all-electric luxury it had to offer to the well-heeled buyer looking for something different to park in front of the country club.
Easy on the eyes and easy on the Earth

This week, the theme continues with the test drive of the 2012 Fisker Karma by the knowledgeable scribes at Not a true all-electric car, the Fisker uses a hybrid system to squeeze as much efficiency as possible from the high-tech chassis. The Fisker combines the best a high torque electrical motor can provide with the long-range of a reliable gasoline engine. For most short-distance journeys (under 30 miles or so), the Fisker runs on nothing but the state-of-the-art battery power. But should the distance grow, the batteries run out of juice or your lead foot happens to get a whole bunch heavier, the two systems work in parallel to maximize horsepower and efficiency.

But, the Fisker isn't a Toyota Prius with chrome rims. It's a completely new "clean paper" design built in Southern California in an attempt to provide green customers with a little extra green in their pockets a reason to part with more than $100,000. One interesting aspect of the engineering of the Fisker is that the gas engine never powers the wheels directly like a "normal" car would. Instead, the engine works with the vehicle's internal generator to create electricity that powers the electric motors and they turn the wheels.

For this kind of money, you know it's gotta be nice inside
The Karma only gets better inside. With an interior befitting a car priced north of $100k, you'll find the finest leathers, real wood, brushed aluminum and more electronics than a NASA launch and the kids will benefit from the comfy rear seats so you can take the entire family to show off your eco-taste.

 To see a video of MT's test of the Fisker Karma, go to the magazine's website here. To see whether the Karma belongs in your driveway, go to Fisker's site here and pick out the model right for you.

It might not be cheap to be both stylish and environmentally responsible, but for those with the means and the desire to help help the earth, the Karma might be priceless.

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