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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The (best) cheapest place for iPhone4S accessories. Monoprice has 'em!

It seems a great many people have a crush on the iPhone and the iPhone4S. It's important to keep this all-glass, fragile three or four hundred dollar investment safe and unbroken or you'll be reaching into your all-too-thin wallet to pay hundreds for a replacement and I'm sure you have better use the money than adding to Apple's bottom line.

Instead of forking over hard-earned cash for a new phone, take a few bucks and send it to for a protective case. Normally a home theater supply company, specializes in supplying working folks like you and me with reasonably priced supplies for TVs, computers, security, internet and other uses (these items are way overpriced in the big box stores). They also offer various Apple iPhone accessories like chargers, cables, speakers and the like.

Not a bad deal...not bad at all and only $3.70!
Surprisingly, Monoprice has a good sized selection of iPad and iPhone cases for shockingly low prices (not a huge number, I would guess 75-90 different styles). Normally, even the cheapest silicone and rubber cases are priced far north of fifteen, twenty or even fifty dollars. Not at Monoprice.

Cases of pretty good quality are available for as low as $1 each. If you think that cases at this price must be of shoddy build quality and low rent materials, so did I. Then I read the hundreds of independent customer reviews and found out the cases seem to be of pretty good quality and worth much more than they're charging.

Or maybe it begs the question: Why are others charging so much?

Go to here to find out why.

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