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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Best of CES 2013. Electronic Heaven for Gadget Geeks.

I swear, one day I will make the pilgrimage to Las Vegas- not for the casinos, not for the shows and not for the glitz, glamor or gambling.

No, I will make my trip to the desert of southern Nevada for one reason- the massive Consumer Electronics Show. So large only Las Vegas can accommodate the attendees, the CES is the annual presentation of what's new and what's coming to the U.S. in the form of electronics, accessories, computers, phones and more.

Companies of all sizes present the latest in their offerings for the coming year and tens of thousands of attendees flock to the booths to grope, pinch, inspect and otherwise drool over a seemingly unlimited number of products.

Some of the products will be a hit, some will never be seen again and some will be vaporware (constantly promised but never seen on the open market). Newly introduced televisions like the recent 4k advances are very popular. Also,  video games, tablets, cell phones, wrist watches, software and even kitchen ovens premiere here for the gadget-hungry public.
This watch will make people beg you for the time.

The media coverage for this event is also massive. Press from the around the globe descend to have a peep at everything and they report on what they see, like and want. In fact, the show "opens" the week before just to accommodate the press before the real show opens to the general public. The good news is that if you can't make the CES show yourself, there's no shortage of journalists to show you the hottest in... well, everything!
I said everything!
For a great look at some of the best products at the show, and what they think is the future consumer available electronics for the next year. 

And remember, look for me on the floor next year!

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