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Friday, September 26, 2014

The Thor Vegas RUV. A new kind of Class-A RV- small on size, small on price and BIG on value!

My parents owned their own business for 40 years. My dad, in particular, worked extremely hard to make the business a success. 16 hour days, seven days a week were the norm. He landed clients, serviced accounts and built his reputation until he was the go-to guy in his industry for advice, questions and quality results. Not bad for someone who had to quit high school to help support his family.

Now, 40 years later, my parents are enjoying the fruits of their long days of toil by travelling the USA in an RV. Not just any RV, mind you, but a true land yacht that's 36 feet long, swathed in leather and granite and cost more than my first house (and nearly as much as my 2nd!). Don't ask me about the fuel bill...

That's OK with me because they earned it. But, I've been watching the fun and memories they've been having and it got me and the wife to thinking about making some RV memories of our own. But, with two little ones still in school and their big sister in college, I doubt we'll be procuring the rolling mansion my parents have now. So, I started looking around the internet for something a bit more practical for a middle-class family budget and needs.

We thought about a trailer, but then decided against it because of backing up issues and they seem so, well...flimsy, I guess. Then we looked at Class-C models (the kind with an obvious truck cab up front), but found nothing that seemed to catch our eye.

Finally, we started searching available Class-A models. These are the traditional all-in-one models with the steering and seats as a part of the interior. Nothing seemed right until we stumbled across the Vegas RUV.
Vegas baby!

Built by Thor Motor Coach, the Vegas and it's sister model, the Axis are far smaller than traditional Class-A motorcoaches. In fact, Thor claims the Vegas is only 5 feet longer than a Chevy Suburban, yet still sleeps 5 in complete comfort. It's because of this size distinction that Thor adds the "RUV" suffix for "Recreational Utility Vehicle".

Regardless of the reason for the marketing department inspired name, the Vegas certainly has a distinctive appearance. It's curved windshield and stacked headlamps separate it from the other rolling boxes on the Class-A scene.

Yet it still comes with equipped with all the comforts of home: flat screen TV, Queen sized bed, shower, solid surface counters and more.
This kitchen is fancier than the one in my house

And the best part is the price. in the world of RV sales, a new Class-A can easily cost in excess of $175,000 and go far, far higher. The Vegas, on the other hand, can be had for less than $75,000. Don't believe me? Check out this link for proof.

As for our family's RV purchase plans? Spring is looking more likely for our purchase date and the Vegas is #1 on our list.

I'll call my mom and see what she says.

To see the Vegas on the Thor Motor Coach website, click here.

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