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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ford's got That Sync-ing Feeling- and That's a Good Thing.

Remember "My Mother the Car"? Of course you don't. Hardly anyone does. For years, it was considered by many to be the worst television show ever shown on broadcast television. The point of the show was the car actually spoke to its owner, played by Jerry Van Dyke (please don't ask me how I know that). Here's the twist: The car's voice was actually his mother's brought back from beyond. No wonder it was one and done.

With that fresh idea in your head, I give you the Ford Sync. Like MMTC, you speak to your vehicle, but this time your mother has no part in this. And your vehicle can actually speak back to you...sort of. Created with the genius geeks at Microsoft, Ford Sync is an option on most Ford Company cars and trucks and takes interaction with your wheels to a new level.
Ford's Sync Video Screen

With this option installed, the new owner will experience a new level of hands off control. FS allows you to control your compatible cell phone and MP3 player by simply telling it what to do (i.e.,"play Beatles"). You can also make hotel reservations, call friends and family, get directions, have FS read text messages to you and tell you all about your sports team, stocks and the weather wherever and whenever you want it to do so.

There's more the Ford Sync can do- much more, but why let me tell you about when you can get it from the factory itself. Go here to find out more.

And I promise your mother's voice will not come out of the speakers.

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