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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Setting Up a Wireless Network is Not Brain Surgery...More Like Removing a Sliver

My sister-in-law was walking around her house the other day, showing off some new furniture to my wife. She went from the living room to the upstairs guest room and boasted about this floral pattern and that wood grain on that table- blah, blah, blah...(I'm not a furniture guy and had soon mentally tuned out with a glassy eyed stare). The thing is, my sister-in-law lives in Texas and we were 1,200 miles away.

So how did she walk all over the house showing off the new couch and upstairs lamp? She used a laptop computer and a wireless network. The laptop has a built-in camera and she pointed it at each object and described it to my wife as she walked from place to place. The wireless network allowed her free reign to go anywhere she pleased and to maintain a clear connection to the internet.

Wireless networks are now very common and it's easy to put one in your own home. There are many quality manufacturers and the process of hooking one up has been developed and tweaked to be as easy as possible. As proof, here's a video for one such maker, Linksys. This isn't an endorsement of Linksys, but an example of one popular product and how easy it is to set up and use.

By the way, wireless networks are more secure and reliable than ever. With a few clicks, it can be virtually impossible for someone to use your wireless setup for nefarious purposes.

Soon it will be possible for you to talk to my wife and show her your new carpet- in every room. Um, is that that the phone ringing? I gotta go now...

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