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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Starting a web Business? There's thousands of products at Alibaba.

Your path to wealth could start here (maybe).
(source: Alibaba)
Turn over just about any product and you're likely to see a "Made in China" label somewhere. Even the keyboard I'm typing this posting with was created in the Far East. However, most of these products are sold by Americans to Americans- but did you ever wonder just how did those Chinese made products make it to our shores?

One way is the website It claims to have more than 100,000 suppliers of nearly any kind of product from electronics to patio furniture, toys, clothing, motorcycles, leather products, lamps and nearly everything else you might possibly wish to buy and sell.

See? Anything!
(source: Alibaba)
 I can't vouch for the quality, but in most cases, it seems to be at least acceptable. Be warned, this is not a site for buying one of this or three of that. Minimum orders are required (remember, these folks are both the manufacturer and the wholesaler- they need to stay in business).  The coffee maker you see pictured here has a minimum order of 1088 pieces.

As a business person, it's up to you to make contact with the companies and arrange transport, payment and all of the other details required for transactions like this. Luckily, Aliabab also has an advice section and a member's forum (you don't have to join anything at all to read the forum) that discusses the ins and outs of the import/export business.

But, if you're willing to make some effort, invest some money and work with companies 10,000 miles away, you could be the nest or maybe you just might find a way to make a few extra bucks.

Alibaba will connect you with the manufacturer who is providing you with the widget you seek. Everything else that happens is between you and the factory. Remember, it's in the factory's best interest to provide you with a product you can sell in good conscience so you'll be a repeat customer.

To find Alibaba, click here and remember, you're ol' buddy the Tech Monkey gets 10% off!

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