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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The air filter to the widget is experiencing a backflow error resulting in a non-functioning Gangley circuit.

The title of today's posting makes no sense (because I made it up!) and for many of us, we all get the glassy-eyed stare when our geek friends start talking about computers and using that confusing geek-speak with terms like ICQ, OpenGL and the ever popular Telnet.

Rather than hearing nothing but the mystical rambling of this computer voodoo, instead, go to the good people at to look up your tech friend's "that must be made up" computer term.

From Access to Zettabyte, most of the words that fly over your head and mine are simply and clearly explained. Bookmark this page for later reference, so when your kids or the family nerd start spouting off about his new Gnutella system (I did not make that word up, go ahead and look it up yourself) you'll be able to have some idea about what they're speaking about.

Click here to better define what I'm talking about.

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