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Monday, March 1, 2010

What? Is that true? No, it can't be? Is it? Maybe?

You probably get the same e-mails I do: Abraham Lincoln had webbed feet, President Obama moonlights at Taco Bell, Aliens invented Scrabble and the like. At times, many of these can seem quite plausible and real, some may even have pictures or video as "proof", so which ones do you believe?

An unusual website called can help you descern between real and fake. They look into hundreds of the most common e-mails making the rounds and find out through solid research, interviews and sources exactly was is and isn't true. They rank each topic with the judgement of true, untrue and mixed (a rumor based on fact that's been "enhanced" with additions, subtractions and flat-out lying).

Snopes doesn't take sides or a political view, except to find out the facts. Now, when you get those "pancackes are made from baby penguins" e-mails, you'll know how to answer these claims.  Rumor has it, you can look for it here.

Warning: Be careful how you respond to those sending you these "rumor e-mails". Some folks get awfully caught up and invested in the agendas and can be insulted or angry when you challenge what they believe to be true. You've been warned...

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