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Monday, March 29, 2010

More iPad iQuestions and iAnswers for iYou

One of the very firsts posts on this blog dealt with Apple's new iPad. Think of it as an iPhone about the size of a magazine and able to do everything an iPhone can do, except phone calls. Very few people have held one or used one or even really know what one really does that a laptop or smartphone can't do.

Now, Apple has started letting some of the answers leak out about their new baby and most of it is amazing and techno-marvelous. On April 3rd, the Apple drops from the corporate tree to the American public and time and the consumer will decide if a screen-only device is capable of capturing everyone's imagination and hard-earned dollars.

Now Yahoo! has seen the iPad and developed a blog posting to answer most of your questions and mine about this new device. Questions range from "what is it?" to "what the heck can I do with this thing?". As far as blog posts go, this one is pretty long, but that's good news because that means there's alot of info for you (and I) to discover. check it out here.

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