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Thursday, March 4, 2010

You too can be a know-it-all and know it all.

Wanna be a know it all?

Wanna know about the "Treaty of Paris"? What "The Bernoulli Effect is? or Thomas Jefferson's summer home? (it's not Monticello). Wikipedia is a great place to start.

It's not meant or intended to be the last word on any topic you choose. See, Wikipedia is created by, and added to, by internet people all over the world. Wikipedia's topic selections may number in the many millions, but Wikipedia's staff is no more than a couple of dozen folks. Content is policed and corrected by those very folks who care that the information is right and right all the time. It's completely free and and no ads as the site is supported soley through the monetary contribution of it's users.

Operation is simplicity itself- there's a blank box on each page. Fill in the box with the word(s) of your choice and press the return key on your keyboard and the magic happens.

The facts are not checked  and are sometimes out and out wrong- the whole place relies on the self-policing of the readers and contributors to keep the place accurate in the long view and this tends to work...mostly.

So, why use Wikipedia? It's a great place to find casual information to satisfy one's curiosity. Generally, most articles are supported by footnotes, references and attribution that supports the facts in the article. Usually, if you want more detailed information, it's a good idea to click on the weblinks at the bottom of the article.

Click on this weblink to go there now.

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