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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

iPod Nano watch- Why didn't I think of that?

I have these things I call "million dollar ideas"- they're inventions I think up that (theoretically) will make me a million dollars...someday. The iPod Nano watch should have been one of them. Put simply, this is a wrist strap that securely holds a standard Apple iPod Nano (latest generation only and sold separately) and is worn as a standard wrist watch.

This gives a good indication of size.
(source: Amazon)
It's so simple, it's beautiful. The iPod Nano is small enough to be a slightly large watch face (see my previous post here for the dimensions) and the "watch face" display is one of the standard displays on the Nano anyway, so the execution could not be simpler. The picture pretty much says it all. 

There's several styles, makers and colors of the watch strap available and it makes a great gift for Nano owners or as a great accessory to go with a brand new Nano. The cost seems to be well under $20 for most styles. You can go to Yahoo! Shopping to see a representative selection.

After all, do you know anyone who owns a watch that not only keeps accurate time but holds 2,000 songs as well?

It might be time to get one today.

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