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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Future of Automotive Tech- Is your Car a Rolling PC?

My first car was a 1979 Chevy Monza with a 231 cubic inch V-6 and no air conditioning. However, it did come with an AM radio. Let's revisit that again- it came with an AM only radio. I had to live with that for about 6 months (ah, teenage impatience) until I could save enough money from my job at Jack-in-the-Box to buy a Craig AM/FM/Cassette with two speakers. And that was the extent of the technology in my car.

Where's the Craig AM/FM radio?

That's no longer the case in today's cars. Now, you can buy new cars with built in computers, intergrated wifi hotspots and voice contolled accessories that recognize 10,000 different phrases. But, even that is not the cutting edge anymore.

I wrote a blog post about a week ago regarding the Consumer Electronics Show with all of the whizbangery for consumers at home. But there's a substantial portion of the show dedicated to auto electronics that make a rolling wifi hotspot seem like my old AM radio. has the scoop on all of the latest news on the best gadgets for the car offered at CES last week. Go here to see the latest tech for your ride.

Oh, remember that Chevy Monza? It caught fire and burned up, but that's a story for another day.


  1. My current car is not a rolling pc; I don't even have USB compatibility at the moment. However, it truly is amazing at the technology you can find in cars these days. Even affordable cars like Ford are wired via the Sync system and now some companies offer features that can measure the health of your heart. It's outrageous.

    Eau Claire GMC

  2. It is true that cars today are becoming more and more integrated with computers. And I think it is because computers, as machine or systems, can help make driving easier and safer. There are now ignition control modules that can help control the ignition timing and spark, which can help regulate fuel mixture and injection for more fuel-efficiency.

    @Andre Brennan