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Friday, January 14, 2011

Wet cell phone? A bowl of rice may be your solution. Maybe.

Ploop! uh oh.

You freeze. A look of horror flashes across your face as you spin around and look into the commode. Your worst fears have been realized: your $200 cell phone fell out of your coat pocket and now resides at the bottom of the procelain convenience, happily burping little bubbles from the side seams.

Uh, oh. How do you fix this?
I won't ask how you got your phone out of the potty, but once it's out, what can you do? Water can fry the delicate interior chips, batteries and memory cards in the phone itself and moisture is not covered by warranties, requiring you to purchase a pricey replacement.

Believe it or not, a bowl of dry rice may be your answer. The know-it-all people at have step by step instructions on this exact method of drying out a wet phone.

From reports I've read, it works as often as it doesn't (I know one person myself who successfuly used this method- much to her relief). But since you may have a dead phone if you do nothing, this is worth a shot in order to save your cell phone and keep hundreds of dollars in your pocket.

Go here so that oh-so-dreaded "ploop" sound isn't the last thing you ever hear from your phone.

*Disclaimer: Although I believe this method to be sound and safe for your electronics, do this at your own risk as a last-ditch effort only.

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