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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Money for your old gadgets- don't sell it, Gazelle it!

So, you got a new gee-whiz gadget for Christmas. What do you do with the old tech that, until two weeks ago, was state of the art? Sure, you could give it to relatives or friends who may or may not appreciate it.


You could make a few bucks on it and pocket the dough for yourself. How? Just gather together all of the electronic widgets you want to give the heave-ho and check out the website here.

Fill out the simple online forms provided by Gazelle and they'll make a cash offer for your unwanted MP3 players, old cell phones and dozens of other orphan electronic gear. As you fill out the age, condition and accessories for your whatever it is, you'll see an easy-to-understand graph that lists the current dollar value of your item that Gazelle is willing to pay.

If you're agreeable to the amount, send the item to Gazelle (they pay postage!) and a check will soon arrive in the mail with your name on it. If, however, Gazelle reviews the item and they decide they have no interest in buying the product, they will offer to responsibly dispose of the product (at no cost to you) or return it exactly as you submitted it. BTW, this is also a great way to raise money for charity.

All in all, this is a no lose senario for those of us with little space to store those old products, a love of money and a desire to take that cash and buy even more technology.

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