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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Everything you wanted to know about movies...literally any movie.

I like movies. Just about any movie. From silent to 3D, movies have been an escape, thrill, joy and part of most of our lives.

For those of use interested in more than just watching them, there's a website dedicated to exploring nearly every detail about nearly every American movie made. The Internet Movie Data Base ( contains information about cinema that your can search via title, actor, director, writer, etc.

Not sure of the title of a certain movie, but you're sure that John Wayne was in it? Type in his name, and you'll be able to access data on all 170 movies he appeared in from 1926 to 1976. You'll also get his bio, films, producer credits, TV appearances and so much more. All this information is available by typing a few words into a single box at the top of the page , i.e., John Wayne, Liberty Valance, Who shot_____, etc.

Each movie also contains interesting selections like a cast and crew listing, trivia, reviews, how much money was made, interesting or memorable quotes, goofs (microphone in the shot) and several more.

I've gone to this site nearly every week and I'm never disappointed with the breadth and volume of information for movie buffs like me. Premiere it for yourself here.

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