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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Find cheaper programs that do as good (or better) job than the big-buck software choices!

Got a ton of money burning a hole in your pocket? Me neither. Seems like it takes a bunch of cash to buy some of the programs we want most. Video editing programs can reach into the hundreds of dollars while a photo program like Photoshop can be nearly as pricey.

Turns out, folks in the tech world think the same way and have created their own version of popular software programs that do things like photo manipulation, video editing, spreadsheets, word processing, data back up programs and hundreds more- all for nothing!

The website has compiled an enormous collection of these off-the-beaten path programs and allowed users to use, review and rate them and has provided an easy and convenient way for you to download them safely. Try them out and if you don't like them, you aren't out anything but a bit of your time.

Click here to start.

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