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Friday, February 26, 2010

Lights, camera, action!

Video is tech too. No, really. Just take apart your video camera and see. On second thought, don't.

Video cameras these days are far more than just point and shoot. Tapes are gone (didn't know that did you?) and even recordable DVDs are on the wrong side of old- in video terms anyway. Plus, editing is as close as your computer as both Apple and Windows come standard with video editing software (didn't know that either?).  We'll address that little hidden nugget another time.

Well, my friends, there is hope and is here to help. Long America's #1 video production for hobbyists, Videomaker has been around for decades, teaching newbies the basics, plus some slightly more advanced techniques when the time comes to move ahead in your cinematic ambitions.

Cutting edge equipment reviews, tips and tricks, how to make a little money even- check out the Videomaker website. Click here to make the jump.

Disclaimer: I'm a regular contributor to this magazine.

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