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Sunday, February 21, 2010

What the heck is an iPad?

Recently, Apple debuted the iPad. To me, it looks like an iPod Touch on steriods. So, what's the big deal, right? Apparently, plenty. With the ability to do everything a smaller iPod can do, the iPad (was that really the best name they could come up with?) is so much more. After sifting through a bunch of websites detailing the advantages in geek-speak, I found one that explains exactly what the iPad is, what it can do and why the Apple fan base is ga-ga over it.

Me? I'm still not so sure. It can't play back Flash video (for instance, all of YouTube uses flash to play their videos- at least for now), doesn't have a camera for stills or video chat (talking to and seeing each other over an internet connection) and it truly seems to me like a huge iPod Touch.

Click on the link and decide for yourself.

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